ALL ABOUT SOFTIES: Designing and Constructing Softies

Softies are some of the most engaging crafts around. They’re also among the quickest–some take less than an hour to construct start to finish! (Here’s an example.) We love them because they’re so easy and so creative. When it comes to drawing up a design and making it take shape, there’s nothing like a softie for sheer imagination. And of course, Made with Love: Crafting for a Cause has on ongoing project, Softies for Foster Kids, where children making the unsettling transition into foster care are given a small stuffed toy to hold onto and love. So we hope you ‘ll utilize your talent to contribute to the comfort of these children. And we also hope you’ll just enjoy the rampant creativity shown in the following links. Below you’ll find, first, general links to softie help and softie patterns. After these are links to design and construction hints and demonstrations.

Patterns and general help

General softie crafting

Lists of free online patterns – multiple kinds of softies

About softies



Tutorials and hints

How to do hand stitches (for softie faces)