Many in our Valley are looking to Jesus and his church to bring tangible encouragement to the needs of life.  The Neighbor Care Team desires to offer some encouragement to both church members and community members who could just use some help.  Our church staff has found that many come to our doors looking for some assistance and were unsettled turning them away without offering something to meet needs.  Out of this love for people and desire to serve as scripture directs us, this Neighbor Care Team has been formed.  Our team is made up of compassionate people, including some professional Social Workers with varied experiences and gifts.  We want to foster partnerships between community agencies and churches to each serve where we can.  We offer several resources ourselves including: toiletries to families once a month, coupon classes and a church Social Worker.


To contact us, please call: 360-424-3006 or email us at:  careteam@hillcrestmv.org