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Uniquely Hillcrest

Our Mission:

Encouraging People to Find and Follow Jesus

Our Values:

Over the years we have run into certain statements that have “rung a bell” with us. These have become our identity statements to try to describe who we are as a people:

1. When you're here You're Home

Welcome, Home. When your here, your home. It’s as simple as that. If your looking for a church where you can be anonymous, your kids are given a barcode, and nothing is ever asked of you- well, that’s not us. We are a community that cares for each other and loves each other. We’re not nosy, but if you come visit people will introduce themselves to you. And if you stay for a bit, you’re liable to come away with some new friends.

2. This is a place of Hope and Healing.

We recognize that this world is broken and in need of hope and healing. We believe that Jesus is the only place complete healing can be found. Our mission then is to be people of hope. So don’t let anything hold you back or keep you away…you won’t be judged here. But also expect that if you hang out with us Jesus will begin to work healing in your life- and we will celebrate that with you as people who are on the same path.

3. Jesus First

The reason we exist as a church, as people gathered together in real community, is because of what Jesus has done for us. We try to keep this at the forefront of all the decisions we make. We’re here so that God can use us to bless the world.


We believe that whatever our mess is, Jesus is bigger. His capacity for forgiveness and healing is bigger than our capacity for messes.
We are committed to pursuing wholeness and healing that Jesus gives.
We are committed to loving each other big in the midst of it all.

Jesus said it best when asked what the greatest commandment was: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and ” Love your neighbor as yourself.” ( Matthew 22:36-40)


When one part of our church hurts, we hurt with it. When it rejoices, we rejoice with it. When you’re part of Hillcrest Church, you are part of a family of people who are committed to care and to help where we can. This is lived out in our commitment to small groups as we share life together.

6. Following the Narrow Road

People who claim to love Jesus should live how he taught us to live….isn’t that true. We recognize we are all on a journey to be fully who we were created to be- but the important part is that we are on the journey. Jesus calls us to be transformed people full of the Love of God and Neighbor. We’re growing all the time.

Our Beliefs

Our place in the worldwide Christian Church

We are connected to the apostolic church. We confess Jesus Christ and the faith of the apostles as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. We believe the authority of the Bible is supreme in all matters of faith, doctrine, and conduct, and it is to be trusted.

We are part of the worldwide church. We understand ourselves to be a part of the community of believers that began with Jesus’ first followers, is alive today, and will continue until Christ comes again.

We are a Protestant church.

We stand in the mainstream of a church renewal movement of the sixteenth century called the Protestant Reformation. Especially important is the belief that we are saved by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, not by anything that we can do. We also identify with the renewal movements that began in seventeenth-century Europe and emphasized the need for a life that is personally connected to Jesus Christ, a reliance on the Holy Spirit, and a call to service in the world. We are an evangelical church. A series of religious awakenings flowered in Europe and America during the nineteenth century and provided rich soil for the early growth of evangelical mission. Evangelicals historically have been characterized by a strong insistence on biblical authority, the necessity of new birth, Christ’s mandate to evangelize the world, the continuing need for education and formation in a Christian context, and a responsibility for benevolence and the advancement of social justice.

We are a Free Methodist Church.

Our spiritual heritage began with the revival in England led by John and Charles Wesley and the Methodists. We are Wesleyan in our theology, believing that God’s redemptive grace is available for all who would choose to respond to His invitation to follow Jesus. We think that God’s renewal can penetrate into the very core of our beings: that we really can love God with our whole being; that we really can love our neighbors as ourselves; that we can be cleaned, not just dirt painted-over. This call to wholeness makes us bold to confront all destructive behaviors – anything that dishonors God.

We are a Local Church

Becoming real Christ-followers is the great purpose of our community. We are serious about disciple-making, sharing the good news and being a blessing to our community. We encourage everyone to grow spiritually, whether you are just finding out who Jesus is, have recently decided to follow Jesus, or have been walking the “narrow road” as a Christian for a while.

For more information on our doctrines, see: http://fmcusa.org/uniquelyfm/doctrine/
For more information about the people called Free Methodists, see: http://fmcusa.org/uniquelyfm/distinctives/

Come – Engage – Grow